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Smoking ban


In this edition of London Life you'll hear reaction to a vote in parliament for a total ban on smoking in enclosed places.

By mid-2007 you will not be allowed to smoke in restaurants and pubs.

This programme includes interviews with some smokers who are also regulars at a pub called The Red Lion.

Are they for or against the ban on smoking?

London Life

Vocabulary from the programme

total ban
a law that will make it illegal e.g. to smoke

Most people in London are for a total ban on smoking in public places

a location with walls e.g. a restaurant

Enclosed public places include pubs, restaurants and private clubs.


Smokers breathe out second-hand smoke.

passive smoking
breathing in other people's smoke

Many doctors say that passive smoking is a serious health risk.

a regular
someone who is often at a particular pub

The regulars at the pub know each other well.

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