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 Walking across London Bridge

This week Yvonne Archer tells the story of one of the most famous bridges in the world, London Bridge.

The bridge has been rebuilt many times, but in the 1960s it was taken , stone by stone to Arizona in the United States. In this report you will hear part of a speech by Queen Elizabeth when she opened the replacement bridge on London's River Thames.

You'll also hear the Learning English team singing the most famous song about a bridge! Can you guess what it is?

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Words and expressions from the speech by Queen Elizabeth

Lord Mayor
A non-elected official who represents London. (There is also an elected mayor of London.)

longest, tallest, widest, most famous
superlatives used in her description of the bridge


doing well financially ( n. prosperity)

traditional stories


declaring it open
making an official announcement that the bridge is ready to be used

unveiling a plaque
showing an official sign that records an event e.g the opening of a bridge


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