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  London Life 2006 / 7  
London Life


- A Mexican in London


- Mexican food


- Advertising


- The Ritz Hotel


- A South African in London

Peppers used in Mexican cooking

In this week's London Life, Mexican Miguel Molina tells us about Mexican food in the capital city. Find out why he doesn't go to Mexican restaurants anymore and why, if you're Mexican, it might be hard to find food that you love from back home!

Before you listen to the programme, look at the questions below - the answers are in the programme.

1. Which spice is used a lot in Mexican cooking in the UK that you wouldn't find in the food cooked in Mexico?
2. Approximately how many Mexicans are living in London?
3. What two things would Miguel do to make Mexican food in London better?

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Vocabulary from the programme

real, true

new, original, clever, creative

something that you are able to obtain


a spice used in cooking, in particular in Indian and Middle Eastern dishes

a very hot spice which comes from chilli peppers

something which makes us think something is true when it isn't

a way to describe a group of things or ideas

make better

foods used to make a dish or a recipe

to research
to study in detail

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