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  London Life 2006 / 7  
London Life


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Greek London

Welcome to London Life. This week we find out about the Greek community in London and London's Greek radio station.

We also explore some phrases related to communities living abroad.

Here are some questions for you to answer as you listen:

1. When was London Greek radio first given official permission to exist?

2. Do Greeks who have grown up in London see themselves as mostly Greek or mostly English?

3. Is there a lot of conflict between the Greeks and the English in London?

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Words and expressions from the programme

a pirate radio station
an illegal station
Example sentence
LGR was a pirate radio station until the government gave it a licence.

a community radio station
a radio station run by and for a local group of people
Example sentence
A community radio has been set up for Polish people living in London.

your country of origin
the country where you/your family first came from (formal)
Example sentence
What's your country of origin?

Zoe is a second-generation Greek
Zoe's parents are Greek and they grew up in Greece, but she was born in London
Example sentence
There is a large community of second-generation Greeks in London.

third-generation Greeks
the children of second-generation Greeks
Example sentence
Third-generation Greeks often want to learn more about the country of their grandparents.

who a person is (often refers to nationality)
Example sentence
In some ways I have two identies - I am both Greek and English.

to become assimilated
to become part of / to be accepted by a group (often a dominant group e.g. a country)
Example sentence
Refugees sometimes find it difficult to become assimilated into the community.

their host country
the country where they are living
Example sentence
She was born in Greece and came to Britain two years ago. Now she loves her host country.


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Find out more about London Greek Radio
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