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  London Life 2006 / 7  
London Life


- A Mexican in London


- Mexican food


- Advertising


- The Ritz Hotel


- A South African in London

Mexico - London

Today on London Life, we talk to an old friend, Miguel Molina. Miguel gives us an idea of what life is like for Mexicans in London and explains what he and his friends like to do in their spare time.

Before you listen to the programme, look at the questions below; you'll hear the answers during the programme.

1. What does Miguel like to do for fun?
2. Which three places of cultural interest does Miguel say that Mexicans living in London enjoy visiting?
3. Where is 'home' for Miguel?

Then test your comprehension by trying the quiz in the Extras section below. You can also download the programme in mp3 format and follow it with a transcript.

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Vocabulary from the programme

a cosmopolitan city
a large town where people from different parts of the world live

an outside area that's usually enclosed by fences space outside where many people grow flowers, fruits and vegetables

a chat
a friendly and informal conversation

to develop a taste for something
to slowly get to like something

cultural things
things that show the general customs and way of life of the people in a specific country or region at a particular time

historical places
buildings and areas that were built or set up a long time ago, in the past

a guitar
a stringed musicial instrument that is strummed and plucked to produce a sound

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