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Tennis Coach Robby Sukhdeo
Tennis Coach Robby Sukhdeo
The Wimbledon tennis competition has begun in London but not all eyes will be upon the grass courts of south London.

In this edition of London Life Callum Robertson meets Robby Sukhdeo who runs tennis training for youngsters in a park in north London.

Before you listen to the programme look at these comprehension questions. You can hear the answers in the programme. Check your understanding by trying the quiz from the Extras section below. You can also download this programme in mp3 format and follow it with a transcript.

1: What's the age range of players who come to Robby's classes?
2: How many players attend Robby's courses each week?
3: What resaons does the child give for enjoying tennis?
4: Why does Robby think there aren't many successful professional tennis players from Britain?

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Vocabulary from the programme

a pavilion
a building in a park where people can change there clothes to play sport and / or buy refreshments

to facilitate (something)
to help make something possible

a toddler
a young child

hand-eye coordination
the skill of getting your eyes and hands to work together, often for a sporting reaosn

Successful tennis players have excellent hand-eye coordination

to drag someone somewhere
to force someone to go somewhere or do something when they really don't want to

to bring someone on
to train someone and make them better

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