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  London Life 2006 / 7  
London Life


- A Mexican in London


- Mexican food


- Advertising


- The Ritz Hotel


- A South African in London

Peppers used in Mexican cooking

A Mexican in London
In this edition of London Life, we talk to an old friend, Miguel Molina. Miguel gives us an idea of what life is like for Mexicans in London and explains what he and his friends enjoy doing in their spare time.

Mexican Food
Mexican Miguel Molina tells us about Mexican food in the capital city. Find out why he doesn't go to Mexican restaurants anymore and why, if you're Mexican, it might be hard to find food that you love from back home!

Have you ever been annoyed at yourself for rushing out to buy a product after seeing a glitzy advert? Well, that's advertising for you! We know what it's designed to do, but we're still persuaded to part with our hard earned cash. In this programme, we visit the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising and speak to the director, Robert Opie, to find out when it all started and to get an insight into why it all works so well.

The Ritz Hotel
The Ritz Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in London and one of the things it is best known for is - afternoon tea. In this edition of London Life we talk to Gerrie Pitt who works at the Ritz. She explains why 'taking tea' is a very English custom and describes what you would be able to eat at one of the Ritz's famous teas.

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