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Use the grammar

Now is your chance to use this week's grammar!

Tell us which things you love and hate and why.

We'll publish the most interesting five.

Thank you for sending in your comments. This topic is now closed.

I like fredoom, I like playing footbaal and I like travelling. I do not mind watching TV and going to cinema. I hate a noise and driving cars.

Nuala says:


Well that's short and sweet!

You correctly didn't use articles in quite a few places in your short piece (for example, 'travelling', 'TV' and 'cars').

But you made a few errors with your articles as well. For example, we use the definite article with cinema 'I don't mind going to the cinema' but you don't need one with 'noise'. So it should be 'I hate noise'.

There were a few spelling slips. Do you know what the correct spelling of these words should be - 'fredoom' and 'footbaal'?

Thanks for writing in and telling us your likes and dislikes.


Iman, Syria
I love English because I can communicate with you. I love playing piano because it takes me to another world full of happiness. I hate war because it brings blood with it and people want flowers. I love travelling because I can see different cultures. I hate the borders because it makes you think of yourself not of humanity. I love peace because it makes people happy. I wish all peoplelived peacefully.

Nuala says:

Hi Iman,

What interesting things you chose to write about.

You correctly used zero articles in most places in your piece (for example, 'English', 'happiness', 'people' and 'flowers').

But a couple of times you didn't get your articles quite right. For example, 'I love playing piano' needs an article. Do you know if it's 'the', 'a' 'or 'an'? And 'I hate the borders' isn't quite correct. Do you know what it should be instead?

Thanks for writing to us.


Ana, Portugal
I love gardening. I love walking in Autumn. I hate snobbish people. I hate noise. I hate marking tests. I love doing these grammar quizzes.

Nuala says:

Hello Anna,

What a great mix of things you told us about! Your personality comes over loud and clear in six short sentences!

You didn't use any articles at all throughout your piece and that was absolutely right. Well done!

Glad to hear you enjoy doing the quizzes.


Linh, Vietnam
I really like country music and my favourite singer is Shania Twain. She's pretty and a lovely girl! When I feel tired, I always listening to country music, cause it makes me feel better! But I don't like rock music.

Nuala says:

Hi Linh,

I really like country and western music too. Have you heard the new album from Alison Krauss and Robert Plant (from Led Zeppelin)? They're an unlikely combination but I think they sound fantastic together.

You correctly chose not to use articles when you were talking in general about different types of music (for example, 'country music' and 'rock music'). Well done!

You were also right to use an indefinite article in this sentence 'She's pretty and a lovely girl' but the article isn't quite in the correct place. Can you see where you should put the article? (You might even want to change the word order too).

Thanks for writing in and telling us about your musical tastes.


Antoni, Catalonia
I love my family, I'm married and I have two children. They're the most important people in my life. Also, I love my country because it's where I grew up and it's where my ancestors lived. I hate all kinds of racism because people are equal, the skin colour isn't important. Also, I hate the war. I don't understand why countries use violence to solve their conflicts. I think that dialogue is better than violence.

Nuala says:

Hi Antoni,

You've chosen a great mixture of things to tell us about – your family and country, as well as, racism and war.

And you've used a good mixture of definite articles ('It's the most important') and zero articles ('I hate all kind of racism' and 'countries use violence', for example).

A couple of other times you used articles when you shouldn't have:

'the skin colour isn't important', should just be 'skin colour isn't important'.

The sentence - 'I hate the war' - is an interesting one because grammatically it could be right or wrong! If you're talking about the current war in Iraq then using the definite article is correct. But from the others things you wrote, I actually think you're talking about war in general. If that's the case, can you figure out what you should have written?

Thanks for writing in.


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