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Video English 6
Video English 6
The Teacher and some ants
The Teacher is taking a summer holiday and will be back for a new term in September.

In this episode, The Teacher introduces you to three idiomatic phrases connected with insects.

1. Knee-high to a grasshopper
2. To have butterflies in your stomach
3. To have ants in your pants

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What gives you butterflies in your stomach? Have you ever had ants in your pants? Use one or more of these expressions in a paragraph and I'll put up the ones I like best.

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Adil Elhaydaoui, Morocco
I always have butterflies in my stomach when i go to meet a woman.

Andrea, Italy
I have ants in my pants when i'm waiting for the exam's results

Mohamad El-Kassas, Egypt
I always have butterflies in my stmomach when I see any government official in Egypt. and I have ants in my pants when I see my chick in dreams.the programme is creme de la creme.

Geovane, Brazil
im afraid of high places it makes me feel butterflies in my stamach

Kaberi, India
my son is three now when he waskneehigh to a grasshopper he was ill badly and when i took him to doctor it was really butterfly in the stomach but when his grandfather who is a doctor flew to see him i was relieved and really ant in my pants t meet him.

Vivian, Taiwan
I have butterflies in my stomach when i talk to my father. :)

Manh, Vietnam
I have a very small niece, she is knee-high to a grasshopper. I have butterfiles in my stomatch when I kiss my girl friend for the first time. When I meet her I got ants in my pants

Bharat, India
i like your english programmes and learned a little from you and i like to learn some thing more.

Sumanu, Sierra Leone
When i am with my wife,it gives me butterflies in my stomach.i have ants in my pants when i am in trouble.

SeYoung, Korea
When I have to take an exam, I have butterflies in my stomach so I forget everything I knew. I have ants in my pants whenever I meet my child. Thanks to your teaching.

Hafeez Sanghar, Pakistan
good this great oppurtunity for slow learners & students i hope good result will come possible

Monica, Brazil
Hi teacher,When I was a keen-high to a grasshopper I was a very communicative girl.Whenever I went to restaurants I used to walk around talking to all customers. My mum used to say that I had ants in my pants! However, nowadays I get butterflies in my stomach if I´m in the spotlight!Where is that funny little girl? I wanna be like her!

Akter, Bangladesh
When I start to talk to my darling, I feel a butterfly is flying in my stomach !!!!!!!! After a short while-it is singing......singing....Ha ha ....Thanks a lot BBC for this so nice subject !!!!!!!!!!

Claudie, France
Thanks, It is very well.In France, we have the same expression. For the very young child, you can say : " he is high like three apples !!".Sorry, I just start learning.

Gustavo, Mexico
When I think of many things or I see many things I have no choice, but to think of ants.

Sohaila, Egypt
every time iam going to my exam i have butterflies in my stomach.but when the result board is showed i don't be afraied even i have ants in my pants.i can remember now when i was Knee-high to a grasshopper -come what may -i didn't worry at all.

Dolphin, China
When I gave my speech in front of the whole school at the first time, I felt like I have butterflies in my stomach. After the speech, a boy who is knee-high to a grasshopper went towards me and gave me a bunch of flower. And I had ants in my pants when the audience gave me a big applause. Thank you Teacher, learning English idioms in this way is very intersting and useful.

Manuel Saavedra
Well done BBC!! you incredibly encourages us to learn more from what you can nicely teach... I congratulate your effort on this great help.

David, Tanzania
Hello when i was knee-high to a grasshopper i used to pomp around my mama cause i usually had buterflies in my stomach to stay alone but infact when i was passed to join the university ihad ants in my pants

Lilla, Italy
Only few words: thanks for MP4.

Lilimin, Kangding, China
my son is 12 this year,knee-high to a grasshopper. when he sick, i will have butterflies in my stomach,when he make mistake in school,i will have ants in my pants! tanks BBC give us the intersting and wonderful programme!

Monika, Czech Republic
We are going on a holiday by the sea, for the first time with our little two year old son. I feel at the same time both: I have butterflies in my stomach and ants in my pants! Can't wait to go and excited about the trip and at the same time nervous what will be the outcome of the first holiday taking place far away from our homeland. Cheeers!

Woodforest, China
Interesting and Useful.Tell me more......

good ideas for learning english

Marisela, Venezuela
Well, I don't know what is happening to me, I have butterflies in my stomach frecuently, I get nervious each time I have to know with someone, with new people and so on. But I never had ants in my pants, many men in my country have ants in their pants, I hate that. I give thanks to God because I am not a knee-high to a grasshopper

Tresa Lim, Singapore
I feel like butterflies in my stomach when i met my first love.

Leila, Iran
i remember my childhood very clearly.i was knee-high to a grasshopper,i liked to drink milk,when my causin came myhome,i had butterflies in my stomach,because i was afraid my mom gave my favorite beverage to him,

Saeedeh, UK
Hi TeacherI gt ants in my pants when I saw this wonderful teaching of idioms. I loved butterflys since I was knee-high to a grasshopper but never thaught how difficult it is to have butterflys (really big ones) in my stomach till when I had an iterview to win a place in a university to continue my studies. since then, I try to keep buying flowers to offer the butterflys when they intend to occupy my stomach once again, sounds working a bit, yet not very successful

Elisa, Madagascar
When I was knee-high to a grasshopper, I cried when my mother went out, I wanted to follow her. She didn't like go out with me because when we arrived to our destination I had ants in my pants to go home, to say 'Mama, let's go home'. She had butterflies in her stomach because she wanted to give me a slap.

David, Colombia
I sent and article and the magazine is going to publish it, the next week; so i've got antz in my pants. Also, something that always gives me butterflies in my stomach is to know new people.

Dasha, Ukraine
Hi Teacher! I have ants in my pans when I read your new idioms! Thank you so much! :) When I was a knee-high to a grasshopper I used to have batterflies in my stomach because of dogs! Look forward to seeing you soon!

Hayfa, UAE
I applied for immigration to canada so I have ants in my pants as I cant imagen how is my life will be there. I hope I will have a good experience there and a new freinds. moreover, I have butterlies in my stomach as I dont know whether this step is the right one for me or not. hopefully every thing will be as I expected.

Joanna, Poland
I have ants in my pants because I'm starting new course in college soon and I can't wait. New class, new people and probably new job opportunities, isn't it great?

Myen, Vietnam
I had ants in my pants when I was first invited home to see my lover's family.Then ... I had so many butterflies in my stomach as if I was knee - high to a grasshopper on the first day to Kindergarten.

Senefelder, Czech Republic
The last idiom edition on insects is so impressive that at the end of it I have ants in my pants - and cannot still think of a good example - sorry.Looooking impatiently for another lingustic and pedagogic jewel from your workshop.

Hiroki, Japan
When I met a member of immigrant office in a airport for the first trip I couldn't understand what the staff talked to me. The staff kept talking very very quickly, so I had butterflies in my stomach. Because if I couldn't answer these question from immigrants office I couldn't pass the gate and I had to go back to Japan quickly.Fortunately I could pass the gate and enjoyed in London. This story was made in Heathrow Airport in UK.

Momar Diop, New York
It was really important to me when a friend of mind gave me your . I got ants in my pants,so that,my english is getting better and better. thank you very much.

Mel, Poland
I've messed with my boss and have butterflies in my stomach when I think of it. On the other hand I've got ants in my pants on the thought of finding another job and giving up my current one!

Diego, Venezuela
Currenty, I have butterflies in my stomach becasuse of the next Friday and Saturday IELTS test, BUT... on the other hand, I feel confident about it because I have been studying conscientiously for four months. I firmily believe the first step in order to tackle butterflies in the stomach beginning when people's awareness.

Yasuko, Japan
Whenever I watch your video clip, at first I always imagine each meaning of the phrases for a few minutes. From one of the targeted phrases, I recalled that I had butterflies in my stomach when I went abroad alone by plane for the first time.

Priyanka, India
Its really amazing to read so many expressions full of insect names over here on BBC site from all over the world. Seems butterflies of each country come on the floor of BBC...Really great to read and learn three idioms. I must share my experiance over here. I had ants in my pants when I was going to see moovie of Shahrukh Khan. But butterflies were flying in my stomach when we were on the way, reason: we were late for the moovie. I am his fan since i was knee-high to a grasshoper.

Raphae, France
When I was a little girl, knee-high to a grasshopper, I was not aware of damages from hurricane.Actually, my family lives in Martinique and last week I was very nervous because I could not keep in touch with them due to lack of electricity and broken down infrastructure. So I had butterflies in my stomach.Anyway, hurricane Dean has moved away and I feel better, in a relief.Soon I shall encounter my family I have not seen for ages. I am so excited. So, I have ants in my pants.

Isyaku Nasir Maiwada, Nigeria
The first time i approached a lady my knees became so weak and felt like having a butterflies in my stomach,so i could`nt stand properly and compose myself,my body started shaking as if i have ants in my pants.

Goska, Poland
Hello! I would like to say that in Polish language we have idiom "to have butterflies in your stomach" but it means "to be love in somebody". Just imagine what you feel when sth tickle you inside :) I think that it is a very pleasure feeling and idiom about butterflies is incredibly appropriate in this case :)

Hello everyoneI have butterflies in my stomach when I have to make a presentation to the crowded group

Uttam Kumar, India
Thank you for B.B.C,its very nice to use these idioms.i have butterflies in my stomach when my teacher asked me to participate in the debate

Sudha, India
I have butterflies flying in my stomach when I tries to speak my ex-boyfriend who humiliated me like anything.

Ana, Indonesia
When I was waiting my 1st date with my boyfriend, I feel I've got ants in my pants and I feel like I've got butterflies in my stomach coz I dont know what I must say or I must do.

Jibjib, Korea
Oh! Always I have butterflies in my stomach when I see a beutiful woman. well, though I 20 years man, I am very shy;; haha, not as when I am talking in internet. The reason that I am a sort of shy person is that I graduated from the only-boy-existing high school!!! so I have never talked with girls and womans( except for mom! haha) so sometimes I am in loneliness.

Flor, Philippines
I felt butterflies flying inside my stomach when i got a heavy arguments with my secret crush in school. It's like ants in my pants of nervous.

Momar Diop, New York
One day, while I was walking on the street at night, I saw a strange guy standing against the wall.When he saw me,he pinted a gun on me. I had butterflies in my stomach.luckily I was the wrong guy, and he let me go.

Jiya, Pakistan
I have butterflies in my stomach while commenting first time on the website.i have ants in my pants to write my opinion about 'The Teacher'.

Renato, Brazil
I have butterlfies in my stomach when I need to talk with native english by phone. /when I was knee-high to a grasshopper I used to watch cartoon and I used to feel ants in my pants.

Fulgencio, S. Paulo, Brazil.
When I have to write something to be assessed by someone, I have butterflies in my stomach. But as I must do it, here I go.See you next time.

Andreas, Greece
Your lectures are very interesting and educating too!!! Thank you for providing us with so much educating lessons. Although, I am still having butterflies in my stomach when talking english!!!

Lackeep, Vietnam
I wish I were knee - high to a grasshopper. I didn't used to have to have no butterflies in my stomach. Now I don't have ants in my pants as much as when I was small.

Adnan, Yemen
I have a butterflies in my stomach when i talk to strange person,not as i talk to a friend

Hameedullah, Pakistan
Fantastic idioms!! Since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, whenever I've spoken in english, I have butterflies in my stomach. Now i am confident enough to talk in english better. Thanks to bbc learning english as whenever i receive new email from them, I always have ants in my pants.

SeSe, Italy
Yesterday evening I was dance with my friends and between us there was a boy knee-high to a grasshoper. We joking laugh toward him and he, with more and more butterflies in his stomach said: be carefull please, why I have ants in my pants.We stopped joke and asked him to join with us and together continued to dance.

Joel Guilherme Velten, Brazil
Learning English with the help of BBC is excellent. Thank you very much. I did like these expressions. Very good explanation too. I think we have the same expression in Portuguese language. I would say " Um frio na barriga ". I have butterflies in my stomach.

Doaa, Egypt
u r so sweet teacher. your explanation is very interesting, go on, wating for more

Ernesto, Chile
When I was knee-high to a grasshopper december was the most exciting part of the year. As the days were passing by I had ants in my pants, waiting for Christmas, and the 25° in the morning, I wake up with butterflies in my stomach, imagining what would I find under the Christmas tree.

Adriana, Brazil
Ages ago, I was not more so knee-high to a grasshopper and I got butterflies in my stomach while I was being kissed for the very first time. Since then, I've got ants in my pants to kiss again.

Anjalluz, Brazil
Often I have butherflies in my stomach when I speak in a public place.. it is hard and my hands become voice become trembles....

Nafees, Pakistan
It is a great experience to enter the whole new world of information about English, thanks are due to BBC English team, live long to serve the infants of English language.

Rupak Maharjan, Nepal
i get butterflies when i face to talk with English people.

Dai, Japan
If alien exists,he might be knee-high to a grasshopper.But if I find out alien,I have ants in my pants and can't speak him because I have butterflies in my stomach.

I scared inserts very much but this leeson is very good and I think that I will talk to my friends or my fammily about that butterfly and I will make friend. And I will teach her/his human's language and I will be taught insect's language.Thanks BBC very much!

Hanan, Saudi Arabia
I have ants in my pants when I wait for next video. Please don't late.

Nguyenhaithanh, Vietnam
I have to take a toelf test tomorrow. and now, I have butterflier in my toelf in my stomach when i think about it. As i see my friend passed the course easily, I feel knee-high to a grasshopper.

Rose, China
I have butterflies flying in my stomach when I am talking with the guy who I very like

Hashed Alnosiaf, Yemen
In the village i entered a dark cave deserted .I've got butterflies flying in my stomach while i was walking in the gate of cave. i was knee-high to a grasshopper in that time ..i had scary and imagination feelings it's like i had ants in my pants ..i could not walk outside the cave or walk into it ...i still remember it and i always talk to anyone when we walk through that i know it's a bat's house ..

Ya-Ping, Taiwan
I have ants in my pants when I know I can go to Australia for summer vacation.

Shahla, Denmark
I've got a little boy. actually he has knee-high to a grasshopper. I had butterflies in my stomach when he went to school for first time becaus he is very small, you know. but he had ants in his pants. he couden?t wait.

Fakhar Habib, Bannu, Pakistan
Some people have strange habits of dealing. They make other feel as they have butterfly in their stomach and have ants in their pants by asking them in some kind of interview.

Chance, China
this is the first time i see this video and i find it's really interesting and useful.i can learn a lot of idioms through it and the most important thing is i should learn to use it in spoken English.Thanks BBC for this wonderful programme!!!

Alex Wang, Canada
When I was just knee-high to a grasshopper, many things and events could give me ants in my pants. And now, no more ants in my pants. The ants left because my green years are gone.

Hung Hung,Taiwan
I have butterflies in my stomach wheni meet new peope because i do not knowhow to speak with them

Jhon, Argentina
I have butterflies flying in my stomsch when I have to speak in english in public.

Wong, Singapore
I have butterflies flying in my stomach when I need to write in English or speak in English.

Claude, France
Thanks to the BBC I can improve my English every day. I am able to read fluently with a correct understanding but when I have to speak I have butterflies flying in my stomach. It becomes impossible for me to say a word.

Sebastiana, Spain
I've got butterflies flying in my stomach since I thought I was going to write this note.

Harine, India
I had butterflies flying in my stomach after posting my first paragraph in this site after learning few of the horse idoms. It won't be true if i say i was just a knee high to a grasshopper that time. However I had ants in my pants when my paragraph appeared the next day.

Vidyasekaran, India
During my high school days I used to visit my grand mothers house every weekend. I Had an acquintance with a boy who lived in that vicinity. He was knee-high to a grasshopper that time. I got a mixed feeling when i met him after a gap of 20 years in my work place.I had butterfly flying in my stomach and also ant in my pants when i met him. I still cannot believe the time has passed so quickly.

Ali, Iran
Hello intelligent man. i had butterflies in my stomach when I talked to a foreign tourist in English for first time but after conversation I had ants in my pants and i was over the moon because I was able to cmmunicate with a native speaker.

Coco, China
When I was only knee-high to a grasshopper, I entered for a speech contest. And at that time, I had very few experiences and had butterflied in my stomach before my presentation. However, fortunately, I finally won the contest and had ants in my pants to recieve my prize. hehe

Laurence, France
I always have butterflies in my stomach when I have to cope with a new situation such as my first job interview. I was very nervous, I felt knee-high to a grasshopper. But how exciting it was once I got the job I wanted. I got ants in my pants and I can't help myself talking about that new job. But afterwards, it was my first working day and I had butterflies in my stomach again.

Nancy, China
This reminds me the first speech I gave when I was a high school student. One day, our Chinese teacher asked us to prepare a speech (sorry, I forgot the topic) and speak before the other students the next day. And that's the point, stand at the front of the classroom and speak before the other classmates. I was a pretty shy girl, ans seldomly speak loudly in public, let alone speak before so many poeple, though they were may classmates. I had terrible butterflies in my stomach before the speech. But there is nowhere to escape. Finally it's my turn. I went slowly to the front and turned around, wah, so many faces, so many eyes focused on me! My face and my neck became red immediately. It's really a different feeling. The result? Do you want to know? It's a disaster for me. I uttered no word before went back to my seat. And my tears were close to run down, which I didn't know why. This is the first speech I have ever given in which I said nothing. I became less shy during my university life, because the teacher let us to teach the textbook in turn and she sat at the back of the classroom listening to our speech. It's a good for all my classmates, especially for me. I made great progress. After university, I became an English teacher, and speech is no longer a problem for me. Here, I'd like to thank my teachers and my classmates who have done me a lot in overcoing my shyness and nervousness when speaking before audience. Thank you so much!

Karina, Argentina
Congrats 4 this great site!

Adriano, Brazil
I like very much watching the teacher explanations and downloading the videos is a very good idea.thank you very much

Edwin, Colombia
I remember back in my school years that I used to have butterflies in my stomach each time we moved out. That usually meant having to change school and submitting myself to the cruelty of my adolescent peers who, by the way, always seemed to have ants in their pants. As I have always been knee-high to a grasshopper my new mates would not believe that I was part of their class and while the boys would try to get money from those who wanted to see me, the girls would immediately adopte me as the class' official mascot.

Ana Paula, Brazil
I was looking for a film from 1957 called 'The Seventh Seal', and oh dear, I really had butterflies in my stomach because I couldn´t find it in anywhere. However, a friend mine recommend me a site where I could find the film, and even better, for a very good price. Since then, I´ve got ants in my pants, just because I can´t wait for the film delivery.

Have a date with the boy i like.. that gives me butterflies in my stomach!!!

The Sun, Timbuctoo
The fact that life's all about making choices and nothing else gives me butterflies in my stomach. It's ironical though that i, knee high to a grasshopper had ants in my pants while heading towards making the wrongest choice in my entire life!!!!!!

Assia, Algeria
Well these are a very interesting idioms ,I can't stand waiting till the next video ,I've ants in my pants,so that make me crazy if the next video will going to published after a long time because I'm going to have butterflies in my stomach.

Mahra, Senegal
first of all, let me thank u for this ecellant program , i alwase used to to have buttrflies in my stomach when i speak english , but know , i always fel so excited and get ants in my pants after starting unsing this wonderfull website ...thatnks for BBC

Rodrigo, Brazil
I always got butterflies in my stomach when I am off to speak, but after a while, if everything goes well, then I´ve got ants in my pants, feel very excited and confident. Man! I stand tall (despite being knee-high to a grasshopper. BBC thank you for this terrific website!No words can say!

Mohammed Sayed, Egypt
Very nice explanation !!!

Ratiba, Algeria
My name is ratiba married since 11 years and i have a son named after my father yahia he is 10 years old but he seems to be only 6 years old he is knee-high to a grasshopper but he is very intelligent and active boy .every day when he goes to school i have butterflies in my stomach because some naughty boys at school laugh at him .her father and me have promised him to go next week to Paris in vacation since that yahia has ants in his pants.

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