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Quiznet archive 2004/3
Today's topic: Global music
  1: Which of the following is NOT a type of very ‘heavy rock’ music?  
Heavy metal
Kirk Hammett from band Metallica
Death metal
Thrash metal
Iron metal
  2: Each country in the world has a national song – called a ... ...  
National hymn
Last Night of the Proms
National anthem
National tune
National lyric
  3: What do we call the songs mothers sing to very small children at bedtime?  
Sleep well songs
Nursery rhyme
  4: What’s the literal meaning of ‘karaoke’ (when people sing from a video screen in public)?  
Empty orchestra
Karaoke - singing along to recorded music - is a popular pastime
Drunken businessman
Bad singer
Bird song
  5: Giacomo Puccini wrote which famous Italian opera?  
Madame Butterfly
A classic production of Madame Butterfly
Miss Butterfly
Mrs Butterfly
Signora Butterfly
  6: Which one of the following verbs is NOT a way to produce a tune?  
Luciano Pavarotti