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17 December, 2008 - Published 17:08 GMT
Ancient city discovered in Peru
Peru ancient city

Researchers in northern Peru say they have discovered the ruins of an entire city, which could provide the missing link between the ancient cultures of the Wari people and the earlier Moche civilisation. Ed Horton reports:

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Scientists say they found ceramics, bits of clothing and the well preserved remains of a young woman in the once buried city. The site, which stretches for more than five kilometres, also shows evidence of human sacrifice.

The civilisation's capital was near modern-day Ayacucho, in the Andes, but the Wari travelled widely and are known for building Peru's first extensive network of roads. Long before the Incas established their empire, the Wari created one nearly as large, but far more enduring. While the Inca state lasted around a century, the Wari civilisation flourished for more than four hundred years.

Ed Horton, BBC

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objects produced by heating and shaping clay

well preserved remains
dead body, or body parts that haven't decayed very much

underground, covered by the ground

human sacrifice
an offering of a ritually slaughtered/killed person to honour a god

extensive network of
many interlinked

here, founded, created, set up


did well, stood strong

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