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12 December, 2008 - Published 13:10 GMT
Chinese exports fall

China's exports fell in November by 2.2% compared with a year earlier. It was the first such decline in seven years. Overall, the country's economy is still expected to show growth of about 9% this year. Our Economics Correspondent Andrew Walker reports:

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China has been hit by the sharp economic deterioration in countries that buy its goods. Nearly half of China's exports go to developed countries, most of which are now probably in recession. So there is less demand abroad for Chinese goods.

The figures have been described by economists as dreadful and horrifying.

There was also an even sharper decline in China's imports - 18% compared with a year earlier. That in part reflects the fact that weakening sales overseas mean that the country's manufacturers have less need of imported raw materials.

Andrew Walker, BBC

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negatively affected

sharp economic deterioration
the quick and significant worsening of the state of the economy

goods and services that a country sells to customers in other countries

in recession
experiencing a period of two consecutive quarters, i.e. six months, when a country's economy is doing badly

there is less demand abroad for
fewer people in other countries want to buy

becoming smaller, shrinking

goods and services that a country buys from businesses in other countries

is a result/consequence of

weakening sales overseas
fewer people in other countries who buy goods and services

producers of goods

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