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Learning English - Words in the News
05 December, 2008 - Published 14:52 GMT
US carmakers' gloom
GM boss Rick Wagoner, Ford boss Alan Mulally and Chrysler's boss Bob Nardelli

Bosses of America's three biggest car companies face grilling in Congress over their request for a multi-billion dollar bailout. Yesterday they faced scepticism from US lawmakers as to whether the bailout would work. Jamie Coomarasamy reports:

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It was a long and frustrating day for the chief executives whose revised request for a multi-billion dollar loan was met with renewed scepticism by senators. Despite warnings of the impending collapse of General Motors and the view of the banking committee's chairman, Chris Dodd, that inaction was not an option, the six hour hearing ended without consensus.

Some Senators echoed the sentiments of President Bush who warned in an interview against throwing good money after bad.

On Friday the carmakers take their case to the House financial services committee. Its Democratic chairman, Barney Frank, has called on president-elect Obama to be rather more assertive on the issue than he has been so far.

Jamie Coomarasamy, BBC News, Washington

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that has been looked at again and, as a result, changed

renewed scepticism
more doubts (about the truth or value of something)

impending collapse
a serious failure that is about to happen

doing nothing

an option
here, something to consider, a possible choice

without consensus
with those present unable to come to a single opinion

echoed the sentiments of
expressed the same feelings as

an issue that is dealt with by a court of law

called on
firmly asked, encouraged

open, strong and confident

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