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21 July, 2008 - Published 10:29 GMT
Dark Knight breaks box-office record
Batman and The Joker

The new Batman film has broken box office records on its first weekend in US cinemas. The Dark Knight stars Christian Bale as the Caped Crusader and also features the late actor Heath Ledger, who plays The Joker. Peter Bowes reports from Los Angeles:

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The Dark Knight has become the biggest grossing film, in its first weekend, of all time. It made 155 million dollars in US cinemas, surpassing a record set last year by Spiderman 3. The movie was one of the most widely anticipated of the summer, in part because it features Heath Ledger in one of his last performances.

The actor died from an accidental drug overdose shortly after filming his role as Batman's nemesis, The Joker. It's a performance that has been widely praised, leading to speculation that Ledger could receive a posthumous nomination for an Oscar.

The Dark Knight is on course to become a hugely profitable film. It cost less money to make than it has already made in the US and 20 other countries.

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the biggest grossing film
the film which has taken the most amount of money from people buying tickets to see it

being better than, greater than

most widely anticipated
there are many new films in the summer but this film is one in which there was a huge amount of interest before it was released

an accidental drug overdose
taking too many medicines by mistake, not because he wanted to kill himself

a strong enemy who is difficult to beat

discussions and suggestions about what might happen

a posthumous nomination
he may be put on the short-list to win an Oscar even though he is dead

on course to become
likely to be

a hugely profitable film
financially a very, very successful film

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