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07 July, 2008 - Published 08:40 GMT
Jabs not to blame for Gulf War Syndrome
US soldiers receiving jabs

Researchers from King's College London say soldiers sent to Iraq were not made ill by multiple injections. Being given too many jabs at once has been suggested as a possible cause of what is known as Gulf War Syndrome. This report from Nick Miles:

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Many soldiers who have served in Iraq have reported suffering from chronic fatigue, asthma and memory loss. Several studies have linked that ill health to multiple vaccinations.

The British Ministry of Defence says it has nothing to do with the vaccines troops were given and this latest report from King's College seems to back that up. It found that soldiers who reported chronic health problems were often the ones who recalled having multiple vaccinations - while in fact, in many cases, medical records showed this not to be the case.

Nick Miles, BBC

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spent certain periods of time performing their military duty

chronic fatigue
the feeling of tiredness that lasts over a long period and can sometimes lead to long-term health problems

memory loss
when you cannot remember certain things from the past

said that there was a connection

multiple vaccinations
when you are given many vaccines over a short period of time (a vaccine is a substance that is given to a person to prevent them from getting a disease)

has nothing to do with
is not caused by; is not connected/linked to

soldiers in a large group on duty

to back that up
to prove/confirm that


showed this not to be the case
showed this was not so/was not true

To take away:
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