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23 April, 2008 - Published 14:10 GMT
Clinton wins Pennsylvania primaries
Hillary Clinton wins Pennsylvania primaries

Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania and dismissed calls for her to quit the race for the party's Presidential nomination. Her rival, Barack Obama, conceded defeat. This report from Jonathan Beale in Washington:

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Hillary Clinton took to the stage in Philadelphia to the strains of the song, "I Won't Back Down". It said it all. Pennsylvania provided the clear cut victory that keeps her presidential hopes alive.

Addressing her victory rally, Hillary Clinton claimed the tide was turning. Once again she has proved that she can win the big battleground states that will be crucial in a general election.

Barack Obama still retains the overall lead, but her attacks and his missteps appear to have hurt. The white, working class voters he'd so carefully courted turned out in force but not for him. He has already moved on to Indiana, the next contest. Hillary Clinton's not yet turned the tables but she's proving hard to beat.

Jonathan Beale, BBC News, Washington

Listen to the words

took to the stage
addressed people publicly

to the strains of the song
while the song was playing

Back Down
admit defeat

clear cut victory
when she got so many votes that her opponent couldn't possibly claim victory

the tide was turning
things were happening in the opposite way to how they had been (usually changing from negative to positive)

retains the overall lead
here, has more support in the country than she does

her attacks and his missteps appear to have hurt
here, the way she unfavourably talked about Obama and Obama's own errors in judgment/conduct have resulted in fewer people supporting him

tried to get attention and support from other people

turned out in force
came to vote in large numbers

turned the tables
changed a situation so that you now have an advantage over someone who previously had an advantage over you

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