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07 April, 2008 - Published 11:20 GMT
Mumbai no honking day
Traffic in India

Drivers in Mumbai are being asked to observe a city-wide 'No Honking Day' to mark World Health Day. The initiative is an attempt to educate the business hub's 1.5 million drivers to be more considerate. This report from Karishma Vaswani:

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'No Honking Today' is the tag line that Mumbai's traffic police are hoping will convince the city's drivers to avoid using their horns this Monday. They've distributed over a hundred thousand stickers in English and Hindi in an attempt to raise awareness about 'No Honking Day' to Mumbai's car owners, taxi drivers and rickshaw operators.

It's the first time a campaign like this is being held in India and over 800 policemen have been deployed to enforce the initiative, along with 2000 community workers.

Organisers of the campaign say that they'll punish any drivers who are using their horn indiscriminately. Despite those measures though, commuters in the city who were looking for a silent ride into the office this morning would have been sorely disappointed, as honking levels weren't noticeably reduced.

Many say that's because driving in Mumbai without honking is next to impossible. It's one of the only ways to ensure that drivers don't run over pedestrians, and it helps prevent many accidents.

Listen to the words

Making a noise by using the horn in a vehicle

tag line
a slogan or short phrase that is used to promote or advertise a campaign

the part of cars or bicycles which drivers or riders can use to make a loud noise as a warning or sign to other drivers or people walking in the street

to raise awareness
to make people know about the campaign

rickshaw operators
people who pull or ride small covered passenger vehicles which usually have two wheels and no engine

deployed to enforce the initiative
will be used to make sure people don't use their horns too much

without thinking or planning

a silent ride
a journey without noise

sorely disappointed
very unhappy because something wasn't as good as expected

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