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Groundbreaking concert in Iran
Chris De Burgh

It has been announced that the Irish pop singer Chris de Burgh will give a concert in Iran next summer alongside an Iranian band. It's thought to be the first time a major western pop musician will have performed in Iran since the Islamic revolution in 1979. Jon Leyne reports.

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This ground-breaking concert was no doubt the result of delicate negotiations. All music performances in Iran have to be approved by the Ministry of Islamic guidance which vets the lyrics and even disapproves sometimes of the style of the music if it's seen as too western or decadent.

Despite those restrictions, over the last few years Iranian pop music has become more and more westernised. In a taxi you'll often hear house or rap music with lyrics in Farsi. There are still no music videos - dancing is completely banned - and western groups are rarely if ever heard on radio or TV.

Chris de Burgh is due to play alongside the Iranian band Arian, one of the first pop groups in Iran to include women in the line-up, though women are still not allowed to perform as solo singers. According to Arian's manager, Chris de Burgh and Arian have already worked together to record a 'song for peace'. The manager said the song was intended to reflect the peace-seeking spirit of the Iranian people to the world.

Jon Leyne, BBC News Teheran

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innovative, pioneering, new

no doubt

careful and sensitive (here)

screens, looks closely at

morally degenerate or questionable


words for songs

seldom, infrequently, not often

due to
scheduled to, going to

programme, list of artists (here)

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