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09 November, 2007 - Published 14:11 GMT
Glasgow wins 2014 Commonwealth Games
Glasgow wins games

Glasgow has been named host city for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. The Scottish city beat Nigeria's capital, Abuja. The decision was announced in Sri Lanka after a vote by seventy-one Commonwealth nations. This report from Roland Buerk:

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Glasgow's bid team leapt with delight and hugged each other when the announcement was made. There had been long moments of suspense as the votes were cast and counted. But when they came in Glasgow had roundly beaten Nigeria's capital, Abuja, to become host city at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The losers sat in silent disappointment. All through the Commonwealth Games Federation meeting in Colombo, Glasgow had said their bid was simply better. More than seventy percent of the facilities are already in place. Abuja had called on other nations to vote for them saying it was Africa's turn, the continent has never hosted the Commonwealth Games.

The bid team from Glasgow brought a special bottle of Scotch whisky to Colombo to be opened after the results - win or lose. And the celebrations have already begun.

Roland Buerk, BBC, Colombo

Listen to the words

bid team
the group of people who worked to persuade the committee to select their city as the host of the games

leapt with delight
jumped up and down with happiness

waiting for something and not knowing what was going to happen

votes were cast
votes were made

roundly beaten
beaten by a quite a big amount

necessary buildings such as sports grounds and accommodation

in place
built and ready to use

called on
asked and encouraged

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