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Learning English - Words in the News
05 October, 2007 - Published 15:15 GMT
BBC Learning English series wins award
The Teacher, an award-winning BBC Learning English series
The Teacher, an award-winning BBC Learning English series

The Teacher, a quirky online video series from BBC Learning English, has won an award for innovation from the English Speaking Union. An award ceremony is to be held at Buckingham Palace later this month. Jackie Dalton reports.

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The President's award from the English Speaking Union is given for innovation in the use new technologies for the teaching and advancement of English. The Teacher is a series featuring a slightly madcap character explaining such idioms as ‘ants in your pants’, ‘monkey business’ and ‘to let the cat out of the bag’. It's designed to be eye-catching, funny, quirky and memorable.

The producer of the series Neil Edgeller says the Teacher character is based on a composite character of people he met while an English teacher himself.

The Teacher is aimed at upper-intermediate English learners, although is intended to be interesting and funny in its own right. There are nine videos available online now with another six to follow.

Prince Philip, President of the English Speaking Union, will present the award at Buckingham Palace later this month. The Teacher will attend, resulting in a special edition episode, ‘The Teacher Goes to Buckingham Palace’.

Listen to the words

the introduction of new ideas and ways of doing things

crazy and often funny

unusual or attractive in a way that makes you notice it

unusual in an interesting or funny way

enjoyable, worth remembering

composite character
person made up of a mixture of parts of

intended to be
meant to be

in its own right
on its own (in the case, for everyone - not just English learners)

resulting in
leading to

special edition episode
a unique programme in the series created to honour a special event

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