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28 September, 2007 - Published 12:05 GMT
Coppola robbed
Francis Ford Coppola

Thieves in Argentina have stolen a computer from US film director Francis Ford Coppola, which contained his new script. The director was not in the house at the time, but he is offering a reward for the return of the information. This report from Daniel Schweimler:

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It wasn't in the script, but that might have to be rewritten now; five armed thieves broke into the house in the fashionable Palermo neighbourhood of Buenos Aires belonging to Francis Ford Coppola, hitting and threatening a person who was in the house at the time.

They took a number of items, including his computer containing the screenplay and other information for his next film, Tetro. It's about the rivalries over the generations in an artistic Italian immigrant family to Buenos Aires and will star Matt Damon. Filming is due to start next February.

A spokeswoman for Mr Coppola offered a reward for the return of the computer which she said was vital for him and his work. The five-times Oscar winner is reported to be very sad.

Coppola, the maker of the Godfather trilogy and the Vietnam war film Apocalypse Now, has been living in Buenos Aires for some months, learning Spanish and working on his next film. He's occasionally seen in public attending football matches.

However, he's not the first high-profile American to fall victim to Buenos Aires thieves. President Bush's daughter Barbara had her handbag and mobile phone stolen last year, despite the protection of US Secret Service agents.

Daniel Schweimler, BBC News, Buenos Aires

Listen to the words

broke into
if you break into a building or car, you enter by force, usually to steal something

popular at this particular time

text for a film, including the words to be spoken by the actors, acting instructions, scene directions for cameramen etc.

rivalries over the generations
competition (for the same thing, e.g. status, wealth etc.) that was started by someone's parents, or even grandparents, and continued by their children

due to start
scheduled, or timetabled to begin

offered a reward
said he would give money (to show his thanks)

very important, essential

a series of films or books based on one story that consists of three parts

well-known, attracting a lot of attention and interest from the public and media

to fall victim to
to have an unexpected bad experience (in this case, to be robbed) as a result of someone's bad actions

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