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01 August, 2007 - Published 14:33 GMT
Formula One Champion to take driving lessons
Nelson Piquet raced to victory in the 1980s

The three times Formula One racing champion, Nelson Piquet, has had to start a driving course to avoid losing his licence. Piquet and his wife Viviane exceeded the limit of twenty points allowed in one year on a licence. This report from Gary Duffy:

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There's nothing quite as humbling as having to take fresh driving lessons when you've been a Formula One Champion three times. But Nelson Piquet and his wife Viviane were obliged to take the driving awareness course because of repeated speeding and parking offences.

The couple must attend a week of lessons to learn good and safe driving conduct and then pass an exam. The classes in the Brazilian capital, Brasilia, will cover careful driving, first aid and rules of the road. Piquet acknowledged that everyone had to learn from their mistakes. 'I got tickets for all kinds of reasons, including parking where I shouldn't', he told the Brazilian media. The former racing champion said he and his wife would make good use of the course.

Piquet, one of the best known racing drivers to come from Brazil, has reportedly often been seen driving at speed around the streets of Brasilia in high performance cars.

Gary Duffy, BBC News, Sao Paulo

Listen to the words

making someone not feel proud of something


had to do something, did not have a choice about doing it

more than one

illegal acts or a crimes


first aid
basic medical help which you give someone as soon as possible after they have been in an accident or have become suddenly ill

learn from their mistakes
understand that you did something wrong and make sure you don't do it again


according to some reports, although the speaker has not seen or heard evidence him/herself about this

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