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Learning English - Words in the News
09 July, 2007 - Published 13:40 GMT
Boeing's new Dreamliner
Boeing's new jet

The US plane-maker Boeing has unveiled the first of its new 787 Dreamliners, an aircraft regarded as vital to the American giant's future in the aviation industry. This report from Tom Symonds:

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It was a massive and glitzy launch event - thousands of Boeing employees surrounding the new plane in front of the factory where it is being assembled. Boeing is staking a lot on its Dreamliner. The 787 will carry around three-hundred passengers long-haul. The company said today that six-hundred-and-seventy-seven have now been ordered.

Building the aircraft from a mix of plastic and carbon fibre is said to make it more than twenty percent more fuel efficient than other planes and that should mean it produces twenty percent less CO2. But airlines are also buying it because it's cheaper to operate and environmentalists are worried that will further drive down the cost of air travel , encouraging people to fly more, which makes the problem worse.

Tom Symonds, BBC Transport Correspondent

Listen to the words

very big

exciting, with lots of glamour

launch event
a special party when something new is shown to the public

made, put together

staking a lot on
expecting and hoping that it will help it to be successful against other aeroplane makers

long distance flights, often between continents

more fuel efficient
using less fuel to go just as far and as quickly

carbon dioxide, a gas that is believed to cause damage to the environment

to operate
to run as part of a business

drive down the cost of air travel
make flying less expensive for the public

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