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30 April, 2007 - Published 12:04 GMT
Israel's PM to face criticism over Lebanon war
Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

The Israeli Prime Minister and Defence Minister are expected to come in for harsh criticism today from a committee of inquiry set up to examine the war in Lebanon last summer. This report from Tim Franks:

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Leaks over the weekend suggest that Israel's political and former military leadership are in for a roasting. The Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is expected to face charges of haste in the rush to war, and weakness in challenging the military's lead; the Defence Minister Amir Peretz will be censured for inexperience and short-sightedness. And it's thought the former chief of staff, Dan Halutz, will be blamed for consistently pursuing the wrong tactics and strategy.

General Halutz has already resigned. It's likely that Amir Peretz's time as Defence Minister will also soon be over. In contrast, the Prime Minister's aides are preparing his defence, saying that at the time, the entire cabinet backed the move to war, and that he's willing to implement all the committee's recommendations.

Mr Olmert's coalition may survive within parliament. In the country, though, the Prime Minister is already dealing with unprecedented levels of unpopularity. And public opinion could yet swing further against him.

Tim Franks, BBC News, Jerusalem

Listen to the words

intentionally making secret information public

are in for a roasting
will be seriously criticised (informal)

to face charges of
to be accused of

challenging the military's lead
questioning and opposing the leading role of the armed forces

harshly criticised

inability to see the bigger picture, i.e. the long-term consequences

In contrast
unlike Amir Peretz's situation

backed the move to war
supported the decision to go into war

keep its position

unprecedented levels of unpopularity
being unpopular like never before

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