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27 April, 2007 - Published 12:24 GMT
World Bank representative expelled from Ecuador
Ecuador's President Rafael Correa

The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, has ordered the representative of the World Bank in Quito, Eduardo Somensatto, to leave the country. He accuses the bank of suspending a big loan in 2005. This report from Will Grant:

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The decision by president Rafael Correa to declare the representative of the World Bank in Ecuador 'persona non grata' had been coming. He had threatened to remove the World Bank and the IMF from the country in the past, most recently after his resounding victory in a referendum on rewriting the constitution.

The reason given for carrying out the move is that the bank has allegedly suspended part of a one-hundred-million dollar loan, approved two years ago. The World Bank says it is currently considering the implications of the demand and called for continued dialogue with the government.

But President Correa has shown he is determined to follow a radical programme of reforms to tackle poverty in Ecuador. He is currently engaged in a bitter political battle with more than fifty sacked members of congress - a number of whom have fled to neighbouring Colombia.

Will Grant, BBC

Listen to the words

persona non grata
an unwelcome person (the expression comes from Latin)

resounding victory
a very clear success

carrying out the move
doing this

something has been said but not proved to be true

stopped because of a problem or difficulty, but may be started again

considering the implications
thinking about the consequences or results

called for
encouraged, asked for

having made a firm decision to do something

to tackle poverty
to deal with the situation where many people are poor

engaged in
if you are engaged in an activity, you are doing or taking part in it

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