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12 March, 2007 - Published 13:10 GMT
Mauritania's first steps to democracy
Ely Ould Mohamed Vall
Vall says he'll hand over peacefully

Mauritania's out-going military leader, Colonel Ely Ould Mohamed Vall, has spoken of his pride at the country's first fully democratic presidential elections since independence from France in 1960. This report from David Bamford:

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Mauritania has throughout its history been a crossing point between the Arab Maghreb to the north and sub-Saharan black Africa to the south. Its ethnic mix of Berbers, Arab Moors, African Wolof, Soninke and many other groups has been both a source of cultural enrichment and conflict, but it has never had an opportunity to define this diversity through democratic structures. Now it has a chance to do so, but there is a long way to go.

Mauritanians have been used to every kind of hostility - from the baking desert climate, locust invasions, colonial abuses, local wars - not least in neighbouring Western Sahara -- to their own military leaders. From independence in 1960 until their overthrow two years ago, they ran an authoritarian regime that perpetuated the enslavement of one part of Mauritanian society by another. Now this anachronism has imploded.

And just as democracy beckons, a new economic era begins too as Mauritania's newly discovered oil reserves come on tap. But from the plethora of political parties, and a score of presidential candidates, a leadership somehow needs to emerge that can cope with the current social and economic revolution. That will be a tall order for any group of fledgling democratic politicians.

David Bamford, BBC

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multiculturalism, including many different kinds of people

every kind of hostility
many different ways of being subjected to unfriendliness, anger or difficulties

very hot

perpetuated the enslavement
continued with the situation where one group of people completely controlled the life and actions of another group

this anachronism has imploded
the system which seemed to belong to the past and not the present has failed (because of faults that it had)

appears attractive and likely to happen

come on tap
become ready to use

a number or amount that is much greater than needed or wanted, excess

a tall order
something that is difficult to do or achieve


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