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31 January, 2007 - Published 18:47 GMT
Fears over Greek olive 'cure'
An olive tree plantation

The Greek Health Ministry is concerned about public faith in a new 'miracle cure' for cancer. Doctors have warned patients against taking a blend of olive tree leaves and water.
This report from Malcolm Brabant:

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The Health Ministry's anger over the new olive elixir is mainly directed at the country's populist television chat shows which have been whipping up a frenzy. Several elderly cancer sufferers have been paraded on screen to recount how the mixture of raw olive leaves and water had healed them. The Central Medical Council has warned that the so-called 'miracle cure' had not been tested and expressed fears that sufferers will abandon conventional medicine and die as a result.

Even though Greece is covered with olive trees, profiteers have been convincing the gullible to part with forty five to sixty euros for a kilo of the 'magic' leaves. In southern Greece at the weekend, two middle aged brothers had a furious argument over whether they should give the beverage to their third brother who is sick with cancer. The eldest brother grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed his forty year old sibling three times in the chest and stomach. He rushed him to hospital but it was too late

Listen to the words

a medicine which is believed to cure any disease or illness

whipping up a frenzy
making a lot of people very excited

paraded on screen
displayed on television

give a detailed account or tell the story of

conventional medicine
normal medical treatment that is given by doctors who qualified from regular medical schools

people who make a lot of money by selling things that are in short supply at very high prices

the gullible
people who trust readily and are easily cheated

part with
here, spend (money)

any liquid suitable for drinking (except water)

brother or sister

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