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India's media reaction to Big Brother
Shilpa's treatment by fellow housemates has drawn big audiences
Shilpa Shetty appearing on British "Celebrity Big Brother"

Since the eviction of Jade Goody from the British reality TV show "Big Brother", according to the British press, Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty is now the most popular housemate. But in India, the media is telling a very different story. Anna Cunningham from BBC Asian Network reports:

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Mumbai is no stranger to the world of glitz and glamour but the home of Bollywood is starting to question the motives of one of its most established actresses, Shilpa Shetty, who is currently starring in the British reality TV show "Celebrity Big Brother".

Faced with racist bullying by other housemates, first there was sympathy, but now the media here in India is becoming increasingly negative. Despite her claims of representing Indians, media reports here accuse her of only trying to revive a failing career and of taking part in the reality show for the money.

Although Jade Goody, the housemate who made the racist comments about Shilpa, has apologised, the knock-on effect may be felt long-term in India. As British companies withdraw Jade's top-selling perfume from the shelves, it's losing work for people in Mumbai where the perfume bottles are manufactured.

Anna Cunningham, BBC Asian Network

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is no stranger to
is used to, accustomed to, familiar with

the reasons why someone does or says something

reality TV show
a television programme which doesn't use a script and shows what's actually happening to the people taking part; the programme usually features a competition

the feeling of being sorry for someone who's having problems or difficulties

the media
all the organisations, such as radio, television, newspapers and websites that provide news and information for the public

renew, refresh, bring to life again, make active again

the knock-on effect
something that directly causes a series of other things to happen, one after the other

for a long time, far into the future

remove, take away

made, produced

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