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28 July, 2006 - Published 13:03 GMT
Blair set for White House talks
Tony Blair

The British prime minister hopes to agree the outline of a new United Nations resolution at talks he's having at the White House today. This report from Nick Robinson:

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Tony Blair is travelling to the White House determined, we're told, to inject urgency into international efforts to bring a halt to the fighting in Lebanon. This does not mean that the prime minister is now convinced of the case for an immediate ceasefire.

What it does reflect is his growing sense and fear that a heavy price is being paid, both at home and abroad, for the perception that Britain and America have given Israel the green light to continue her assault on Lebanon, whatever the human cost.

Tony Blair hopes to convince President Bush to back a UN resolution next week, mandating a new international stabilisation force in Lebanon and calling for the disarming of militias there and the facilitation of the exchange of prisoners held by Hezbollah and the Israelis. This, the prime minister believes, might eventually convince both sides to back down.

Nick Robinson, BBC, on the plane to the US

Listen to the words

resolute, strong-minded

to inject urgency
to bring the sense of utmost importance

to bring a halt
to stop

certain, sure

a period of truce, a suspension of hostilities, when both sides in a war agree to stop fighting for a period of time

have given Israel the green light to
have allowed Israel to

a violent attack

whatever the human cost
no matter how many people are killed

to back
to support

to back down
here, to stop fighting

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