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17 July, 2006 - Published 17:49 GMT
Nigerian football scam
A football

The Nigerian Football Association has called for an investigation into how fraudsters pretended to be in charge of appointing a new national team coach. This report from Alex Last report:

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Nigerian internet fraud is not exactly new, but this scam depends on the rather unusual premise of wanting to become the manager of the Nigerian football team.

The Nigerian Football Association says it all began with a fake advertisement posted on a website, purporting to be from its Chairman, inviting foreign managers to apply to be the new national team coach.

In return for being considered, applicants were asked to pay a two thousand dollar fee to a man pretending to handle recruitment for the Nigerian FA. The cheques were to be sent to an address in London while inquiries were directed to an address in the Nigerian capital, Abuja.

This information has now been passed on to the country's anti-corruption watchdog. The Chairman of the Nigerian FA, Ibrahim Galadima, warned football managers that there were no immediate plans to change the coaching staff of the national team, and anybody who applied for the job did so at their own risk. It’s not clear if anyone did actually apply, but there are rumours that several European managers had expressed interest.

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internet fraud
an illegal activity to make money using the internet

an illegal plan for making money

an idea that is used to support another idea or theory


to handle recruitment
to help choose the next manager

directed to
sent to

passed on

an organisation that tries to make sure that companies behave fairly and legally

expressed interest
showed that they wanted the job (perhaps by sending a cheque)

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