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12 July, 2006 - Published 09:52 GMT
Mumbai bombs investigation
Mumbai blast

An investigation is underway to find out who may have been responsible for the Mumbai train attacks. Indian police are hunting for clues among the mangled remains of the train carriages. Police have also carried out raids across Maharashtra, the state in which Mumbai lies. Navdip Dhariwal reports.

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Who is responsible and who coordinated the sophisticated series of attacks is now the focus for investigators. Bomb squads and police with dogs have spent the night combing the wrecked carriages searching for clues.

No one has said they carried out the attack, but security officials believe this was a well-planned operation, masterminded by a major terrorist outfit.

In the past, Indian authorities have been quick to point the finger at Islamic militant groups fighting for an independent Kashmir or linking similar small-scale attacks to the activities of Mumbai's criminal underworld. But leading Muslim militant groups operating in the Kashmir Valley have denied any role in the blasts.

Police have also carried out raids in the financial capital and surrounding areas, bringing suspects in for questioning, but no arrests have been made so far.

Medical teams worked throughout the night to treat the injured, but many anxious relatives are still making their way from hospital to hospital searching for loved ones. Train services in the city are almost back to full operation - even the Western line, the target of the attacks, is creeping back to normal.

Navdip Dariwal, BBC News, Delhi

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focus for investigators
most important thing for the officials who are trying to find out what happened

combing the wrecked carriages
searching very carefully through the destroyed parts of the train

things which might give information about who was responsible

coordinated, planned or organised

to point the finger at
to blame

denied any role in
said they had nothing to do with

carried out raids
did surprise searches looking for signs of people who might have been responsible for the bombs

bringing suspects in for questioning
talking to people who they think might have been involved

loved ones
people they care for (usually family or close friends)

creeping back to normal
slowly starting to work as they usually do

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