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05 June, 2006 - Published 09:02 GMT
Helicopter escape from Greek prison
The helicopter used in the escape

The Greek police are hunting for two criminals who managed to escape from the country's largest maximum security prison in a helicopter. It's thought the escape was organised by one of the country's most wanted men. This report from Richard Galpin:

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This was one of the most daring prison breakouts to take place in Greece. The helicopter landed in a courtyard of Korydallos prison in Athens as those on board threw flares into the area. Amid the confusion, two inmates managed to climb into the helicopter which took off again, flying to a nearby cemetery. The escaped prisoners then fled with their accomplices on motorbikes which have since been found near the port of Piraes.

One of the men, Vassilis Paleokostas, was serving a twenty-five year sentence for kidnapping and bank robbery. It's thought his brother, who's been on the run since 1990, was behind the breakout. The police have arrested the helicopter pilot, who says he was forced to fly to the prison at gunpoint.

Korydallos holds some of the country's most notorious criminals, including the leaders of the militant left-wing organisation, November Seventeenth, who were found guilty of murdering politicians, businessmen and foreign diplomats.

Richard Galpin, BBC, Athens Correspondent

Listen to the words

risky and dangerous


Amid the confusion
While there was lots of noise and people didn't really know what was happening



people who help others to commit a crime

on the run
trying not to get caught by the police

was behind the breakout
planned the escape

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