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15 May, 2006 - Published 12:13 GMT
Java volcano activity increases
Mount Merapi, Java, Indonesia

A volcano on the Indonesian island of Java is continuing to spew hot clouds of smoke, ash and lava into the air. A mass evacuation was ordered two days ago and is still under way. Many villagers have been reluctant to leave their farmland but there is now growing pressure for everyone to move into emergency shelters. This report from Rachel Harvey:

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Thousands of people living in villages closest to the volcano have already been moved to emergency shelters. Many more are lining up by the side of the road waiting for trucks to take them to safety.

But still there are a few farmers refusing to move. Without their crops and animals they have no income and cannot support their families so they're waiting until the government offers financial help.

Meanwhile, the mountain above them is becoming more active by the day. At least one village about three kilometres from the crater has been covered in a dusting of volcanic ash. One scientist told the BBC he now believed Merapi was in what he called the early stages of an eruption but he added 'we cannot predict when it will reach its peak'.

Rachel Harvey, BBC News, Jakarta

Listen to the words

evacuated, taken from one place to another

places of refuge (e.g. provided for the homeless)

lining up

heavy vehicles carrying goods, lorries

not agreeing

the produce of cultivated plants (e.g. corn, wheat, rice, etc.)

the money received from one's business, work or investments

provide money for

a layer of finely powdered earth and dirt

the early stages of an eruption
beginning to explode

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