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10 May, 2006 - Published 14:23 GMT
'Fat man' finishes walk across US
Image of Steve Vaught walking across the US
Steve Vaught walking across the US

A man who has been walking across the United States for more than a year to lose weight has finally arrived at his destination, New York. This report from James Westhead:

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A forty year old father of two, Steve Vaught took the final steps of his epic journey as he crossed the George Washington Bridge into Manhattan. It took him a year and a month to walk the nearly four-thousand-eight-hundred kilometres from his home in California.

His original aim had been to lose weight after falling into a depression and developing an eating disorder . He did arrive a hundred pounds or forty-five kilograms lighter but said he had learned that weight loss was more about the state of mind than body . He now realised the secret to becoming thinner was being happier.

His voyage of self-discovery was viewed by millions around the world on his website "A Fat Man Walking" and he now plans to publish a book about his experiences. But before disappearing into a hotel, he told reporters his first plan was to put on some new socks.

James Westhead, BBC

Listen to the words

very long

original aim

falling into depression
becoming very unhappy

developing an eating disorder
becoming ill with a condition where you cannot control your eating habits e.g. You eat too much or too little

less heavy than he was before

the state of mind than body
a mental attitude than anything physical

best or only way

voyage of self-discovery
time of finding out more about himself

viewed by millions
seen by millions of people

his first plan
the first thing that he was going to do

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