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Learning English - Words in the News
24 April, 2006 - Published 10:12 GMT
Hungary election
Hungary voting

With 98% of votes counted Hungary's ruling Socialists have won a second term in office, according to national election commission results. This report from Nick Thorpe:

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There's a party atmosphere here in Republic Square in Budapest outside the Socialist party headquarters. There are thousands of people celebrating victory around the tent lit up in the red Socialist colours.

This has also been a personal victory for the prime minister, Ferenc Gyurcsany. He told the crowds here that victory means responsibility and hard work.

Across the River Danube, on the other side of the city, the conservative leader, Viktor Orban, up in the Castle District, put a brave face on defeat. He lamented the lack of unity on the right and said his party must now rethink its programme but its basic message -- work, the family and the home -- would remain.

But this moment belongs to the Socialists and the liberals. The party looks set to continue late into the night.

Nick Thorpe, BBC News, Budapest

Listen to the words

a party atmosphere
a good, joyful mood

central office

lit up
with lights directed at it or on it

the ability to act independently and make decisions, as well as take the consequences of them

put a brave face
accepted a difficult situation without being upset or angry

being the loser in a contest

passionately expressed his regret

basic message
main direction

looks set to
will probably

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