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19 April, 2006 - Published 13:26 GMT
The Queen's Birthday
The Queen starts celebrations of her 80th birthday

Queen Elizabeth II starts celebrations of her 80th birthday on Wednesday with a lunch for ninety-nine people exactly her age. The guests, who were all born on April 21, 1926, were invited to the Queen's London home, Buckingham Palace, after being chosen in a ballot. This report from Stephen Evans:

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The hundred citizens, including the Queen, who are nearly octogenarians - her and her guests' eightieth birthdays don't actually fall till Friday - will gather for drinks in the picture gallery at Buckingham Palace followed by a lunch there together. On Friday, the Queen will have a less formal family dinner and a walk-about in front of crowds at Windsor Castle near London.

The celebrations are prompting reflection on Britain's system of constitutional monarchy where real power is wielded by elected politicians but a monarch who inherits the role is formally head of state.

Scandal and publicity have altered the role in recent years, shining an unforgiving light on what was for centuries a mystical, remote position. Despite the changes, there is no obvious appetite in Britain for any other form of government.

Stephen Evans, BBC

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people from 80 to 89 years old ('octo' is Latin for 'eight')

begin, happen (used only for dates)

are prompting reflection
are making people think

held and exerted (often used with the word 'power')

receives from her parents when they die

general public outrage because of someone's behaviour


shining an unforgiving light on

mysterious, spiritually symbolic

desire, want

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