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12 April, 2006 - Published 13:20 GMT
Women's 'constant' body worries
Kelly Brook
Kelly Brook was voted as having the best figure by women surveyed

Almost a third of women worry constantly about the way their body looks, according to a new survey. The poll of over 5,000 women for Grazia magazine found just one in 50 was happy with her body, with women wanting to lose an average of about nine kilos. Seven out of 10 women said life would improve if they had "better" bodies. This report is read by Jackie Dalton.

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The survey concluded the average British woman worries about her body every 15 minutes. Women had tried a range of extreme measures, such as laxative use and fasting in order to lose weight. Actress and TV presenter Kelly Brook, famed for her curves, was considered to have the best British female body in the survey.

The Eating Disorders Association says body concerns are not illness - but warns anorexia and bulimia begin with a "distorted" body image.

Virtually all those who completed the magazine and website survey said they had dieted at some point in their life - with 41% saying they constantly watched what they ate. Half admitted to lying about their weight.

The most hated parts of the body for women were their thighs and waist. The only parts of the body which were widely liked were the ankles.

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a range of
lots of different

such as laxative use and fasting
for example, medicine (laxative) which makes food pass quickly through your body and not eating (fasting)

famed for
well-known for

was considered to have
was thought by people who did the survey to have

a mental illness in which a person stops eating or doesn't eat very much

a mental illness in which a person cannot stop themself from eating too much and then vomits in order to control their weight

distorted body image
false idea of what your body looks like or should look like

at some point

admitted to
said they had

widely liked
liked by a lot of people

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