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05 April, 2006 - Published 16:01 GMT
Explorer stopped in Russia
Explorer Karl Bushby
Explorer Karl Bushby

A British adventurer has been questioned by the authorities in Russia's far east after crossing a semi-frozen stretch of water between Alaska and Russia on foot. This report from Moscow correspondent Emma Simpson.

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Karl Bushby has been on the road for more than seven years now on a trip he calls the Goliath Expedition. He's been attacked in Peru, locked up in Panama and just days ago he had to be rescued by helicopter after mistakenly pitching a tent on an ice floe and was then later swept out to sea. But Mr Bushby, who's 37, always knew that the most dangerous part would be his trek across the narrowest stretch of the Bering Strait.

For a fortnight he and his companion Dimitri Kieffer pulled their equipment over the eighty kilometre stretch of frozen water with the sounds of ice breaking just a few miles behind them. They reached the shoreline of Siberia safely but without it seems the necessary border stamps in their passports. The pair were also armed with a satellite phone, detailed maps, a video camera and a pistol - items which appear to have alarmed local law enforcement officials.

A spokesman for the British embassy here in Moscow said the men weren't being detained but were being subjected to a number of checks. The spokesman added he hoped the matter would be resolved quickly .

Mr Bushby's father called on the Russians to help not hinder his son so that he can embark on the next step of his journey towards the Chinese border before arriving eventually back home in Britain by 2009.

Listen to the words

on the road

pitching a tent
setting up a temporary shelter (usually made light material)

an ice floe
a large piece of ice floating on the sea

a long journey (usually on foot)

a fortnight
a period of two weeks

border stamps
authorisations usually marked in a passport

really worried

made to stay with the police or other authorities

hoped the matter would be resolved quickly
(formal) wished that the problem would be solved


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