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06 March, 2006 - Published 12:49 GMT
Childhood obesity 'to double'
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Childhood obesity around the world will almost double by 2010 according to new data. The report by International Association for the Study of Obesity also says things will only get worse if people don't change the way they live and eat. This report is by Ania Lichtarowicz.

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The obesity epidemic is spreading much faster than previous data suggested. New figures published in the International Journal of Paediatric Obesity show that in the European Union by the end of the decade thirty eight per cent of children will be overweight while in North and South America the number will be almost fifty per cent.

This trend will be seen in other regions too - the Middle East, across Asia and the Pacific. Many developing countries are now struggling to fight a double burden of disease - those that still haven't overcome malnutrition may also have to treat people for illnesses caused by them being overweight.

Heart disease, diabetes as well as liver disorders and high cholesterol are just some of the problems that are becoming more common and without significant changes in lifestyle and diet the authors of the report say the situation will only get worse.

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The obesity epidemic
The large number of people who are extremely overweight

previous data
information gathered before

a period of ten years (the end of the next decade is 2010)



overcome malnutrition
managed to stop health problems caused by not enough food

disease in which the body cannot control levels of sugar in the blood

liver disorders
problems with the organ in the body which cleans blood

high cholesterol
a large amount of unhealthy fat in the blood

becoming more common
happening more and more

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