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03 March, 2006 - Published 17:05 GMT
Bush visits Hyderabad
Presdient Bush in Hyderabad
President Bush visited agricultural university in Hyderabad

President Bush has been to Hyderabad in southern Indian on the last day of his visit to the country. Hyderabad is one of India's most important economic centres and the headquarters of many US companies are based there. This report from Mark Dummett:

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George Bush chose Hyderabad as his only destination outside Delhi because it symbolises the India he wants to do business with. It is a hi-tech boom town, the centre for dozens of successful biotech and IT firms and the home to an ever-expanding middle class, many of whom have studied in the US or worked for US companies.

Addressing young business leaders, President Bush said the increasing wealth of cities like Hyderabad presented huge possibilities for US firms. He said he wanted them to sell more goods to India's estimated three hundred million middle class consumers. He said improved trade would compensate for the jobs lost to competition from India's world beating out-sourcing and computer software industries.

His comments were warmly welcomed but many of Hyderabad's large Muslim population closed their shops today, in protest at the President's visit.

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place where he is going


a hi-tech boom town
a city where the number of companies using the most advanced and developed equipment (technology) is growing very quickly

abbreviation of biotechnology; the use of cells, bacteria and other living things for industrial developments

IT firms
Information Technology companies, companies that specialise in computers

an ever-expanding
a continually growing

Speaking to

customers, people who buy goods or services for their own use

compensate for
make amends for, lessen the negative effects of

world beating out-sourcing
the best country in the world for companies from foreign countries to make deals to have some of their work done, e.g. telephone answering services

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