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10 February, 2006 - Published 15:47 GMT
Tomb find stuns Egypt
The occupiers of the tomb remain unknown

Archaeologists say they've made a major new discovery in Egypt. An international team has unearthed an intact tomb in the Valley of the Kings. They say it is the most important find of its kind in more than eighty years. Ian Pannell reports.

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Archaeologists were doing routine excavation work last year when they discovered what seemed to be a man-made shaft. Earlier this month, they came across a hidden chamber inside and on Friday, some of the stones blocking the entrance were removed, revealing a site hidden from the human eye for something like three thousand years.

There are five wooden coffins inside the small chamber, with rather beautiful faces painted in reds and yellows, their bodies in black and yellow stripes to mimic bandages. At least one of the coffins is slightly ajar, revealing a mummified corpse inside.

This is the first intact discovery in more than eighty years, just a stone's throw from the tomb of Tutankahmun. Archaeologists say this find could radically change their understanding of ancient Egyptian history.

Ian Pannell, Luxor

Listen to the words

routine excavation work
their usual work - digging carefully to look for interesting objects

a man-made shaft
a passage dug by humans which goes into the ground

a hidden chamber
a room that's difficult to find

hidden from the human eye
people hadn't seen

slightly ajar
open a little bit

a mummified corpse
a dead body wrapped in cloth and preserved with special oils

intact discovery
find which is complete (not broken)

a stone's throw
a short distance away

radically change
make a very big difference to

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