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Prime Minister's son 'kidnap plot'
Tony Blair and his son Leo

British police have investigated a plot to kidnap the son of the Prime Minister, Tony Blair. A group called Fathers 4 Justice have said police told them that some of their members had planned to hold Mr Blair's youngest son to get publicity for their cause. This report from Stephen Evans:

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Fathers 4 Justice is a small but vocal group of men who campaign in Britain for fathers to be given greater rights of access to children after divorces.

Its founder confirmed that the police had told activists to keep away from Mr Blair's home in Downing Street. It follows claims that some campaigners had planned to kidnap five-year old Leo Blair and hold him for a short time to get publicity for their cause.

In the past, they've got publicity by climbing onto balconies in Buckingham Palace and the roofs of prominent court buildings. They also threw powder at Mr Blair in the House of Commons.

Neither Mr Blair nor the police are officially confirming the kidnap threat, but the founder of Fathers 4 Justice said some ex-members had been investigated and told to keep away from Downing Street by anti-terrorist police.

British Affairs Correspondent, Stephen Evans.

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expressing strong opinions publicly, especially about things you disagree with

to take part in a series of actions in the hope of achieving a political or social result

greater rights of access to
more legal rights to see or spend time with

the person who set it up

people who try hard to make change happen

get publicity for their cause
make people more aware of what the campaigners are fighting for

structures that you can stand on that are attached to the outside walls of buildings

famous, important

the House of Commons
the building where the British government meets

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