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07 September, 2005 - Published 15:38 GMT
India EU trade
Tony Blair and Manmohan Singh
Tony Blair and Manmohan Singh

India and the European Union have signed an agreement for greater cooperation on trade and other issues. It comes after talks between the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and India's Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh. This report from Roland Buerk:

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Tony Blair described the summit as a significant turning point in the relations between the European Union and India. Speaking after talks with the Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, Mr Blair said that Europe must have a relationship of equals with India for mutual benefit.

Just a decade or so ago at a summit like this, Indian leaders would have been asking Europe for a helping hand. But now India is emerging as an economic force with the fastest growth of any democratic nation. The new buying power was underlined by India's announcement to coincide with the talks that it will buy forty three Airbus planes made in Europe. The deal will be worth two-point-two billion dollars.

The two prime ministers also agreed to increase cooperation to tackle global warming and terrorism. Mr Blair said there would be better coordination between police forces in Europe and India to stop terrorist groups crossing borders and to prevent money laundering.

Roland Buerk, BBC, New Delhi

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important meeting between the leaders of different countries

turning point
time at which an important change occurs

relationship of equals
partnership where each party has the same rights and opportunities

mutual benefit
advantages shared equally by two parties

a decade or so ago
about ten years ago

a helping hand
support or aid given when it was needed

emerging as an economic force
beginning to become a wealthy country

buying power
ability to spend large amounts of money

made more obvious

money laundering
transferring illegally obtained money to hide where it came from

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