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11 April, 2005 - Published 13:00 GMT
UK visa delay for young Nigerians
Passport being stamped

Britain will not issue entry visas to young Nigerians aged between eighteen and thirty who want to visit the UK for the first time. Britain is currently preparing for a general election, and immigration issues are high among public concerns. This report from Anna Borzello:

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The British High Commission in Nigeria say they cannot deal with the high number of visa applications which have nearly doubled in the last two years. Lagos is the busiest UK visa operation in the world and handles about seventeen thousand applications a month.

Eighty percent of young people who apply are turned down, some because they have forged documents. The High Commission insist this is a temporary measure and say they will lift the ban next year after reorganising their office.

However, Femi Fani-Kayode, special assistant to the Nigerian president on public affairs, described the decision as 'very unfair. We enjoy a close relationship with the United Kingdom,' he said, 'and I don't think this is the way to strengthen ties between the two countries.'

Anna Borzello, BBC News, Lagos

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visa applications
formal requests for visas to be issued

increased to become twice as many

Lagos is the busiest UK visa operation
The British Deputy High Commission in Lagos issues more visas than any other UK embassy

deals with, processes

turned down
refused a visa

false, not genuine

a temporary measure
an action that will last a certain period of time

lift the ban
here, start issuing visas again

to strengthen ties
to improve the relationship

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