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21 March, 2005 - Published 15:06 GMT
Bangladesh storms
Bangladesh storms

At least thirty-six people have been killed and nearly five hundred injured in a storm in Bangladesh. Winds of more than sixty miles an hour hit villages in the north of the country. This report from Roland Buerk:

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The storm swept through northern Bangladesh after dark battering villages. Many people in rural areas live in huts made of corrugated iron or mud and straw. The flimsy buildings were unable to withstand winds powerful enough to uproot trees and knock down electricity pylons. Around three thousand homes were destroyed.

The police say the number of dead may rise. Rescue teams are yet to reach the worst affected areas because the roads are now blocked by debris. Nearly five hundred people are thought to have been injured.

Powerful storms are not uncommon in Bangladesh and hundreds of people are killed annually but most take place during the summer monsoon and few would have been prepared for a storm so early in the year.

Roland Buerk, BBC, Dhaka

Listen to the words

swept through
travelled quickly across

striking repeatedly

small simple houses

corrugated iron
iron specially curved, or bent to give it extra strength

light, easily damaged

to withstand
to resist, to hold out against

knock down
demolish, destroy

the worst affected areas
areas that suffered the most

scattered fragments of something destroyed

the summer monsoon
a rainy season in southern Asia which accompanies a seasonal wind blowing from the south west

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