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18 March, 2005 - Published 11:07 GMT
Tsunami Bank
Tsunami damage in Sri Lanka

The Asian Development Bank says more than five-billion dollars is still needed to fund reconstruction after the Boxing Day tsunami in the four worst affected countries - India, Indonesia, the Maldives and Sri Lanka. This report from Kylie Morris:

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The Asian Development Bank is tracking the money promised and the mounting costs of reconstruction in the region. Bank president Haruhiko Kuroda had told delegates to the conference that the world's attention must remain focused as the kind of help needed moves from relief to rehabilitation. In describing where the shortfall in funding lies, Mr Kuroda issued a reminder of the dreadful impact of the waves which pummelled the Asian coast on December twenty-sixth.

More than seven-hundred kilometres of roads were damaged in India. In Aceh, nearly half the population lost their livelihoods. In Sri Lanka, a hundred-thousand homes were destroyed, as well as sixty-five percent of the country's fishing fleet. At the same time, the bank president said the money donated must be well spent, in a predictable, transparent, strategic and effective manner. He warned of the potential for gaps, overlaps and duplications. His concerns were echoed in recorded messages from former US presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush Senior. Mr Bush said that on a recent tour of the region governments had assured him they will be good stewards of the money raised to assist them.

Kylie Morris, BBC News, Bangkok

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the mounting costs
the growing costs

from relief to rehabilitation
from emergency help to long term reconstruction help

the shortfall in funding
the negative difference between the money that is needed and the money that has been receieved

hit very hard again and again

lost their livelihoods
lost their jobs, lost their ability to make money and support themselves

money donated
money that was given

the potential for gaps, overlaps and duplications
the possiblity that money might not be spent where it is needed and that different projects might spend money on the same thing without knowing

they will be good stewards of the money
they will look after the money and spend it responsibly

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