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14 January, 2005 - Published 14:54 GMT
Kraft cuts snack ads for children
Kraft factory

The American food group Kraft Foods says it will stop marketing junk food to children. It means that the company will not advertise products with a lot of fat, sugar or salt to children under twelve years old. This report from Mark Gregory:

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Kraft is one of the world's largest food producers. In America its products include Oreo biscuits and Kool Aid drinks. Like rivals, the company has come under mounting pressure to encourage consumers to cut back on potentially unhealthy foods. There's been particular concern about rising obesity levels in rich countries - in America two thirds of adults and fifteen percent of children are overweight. In a statement Kraft said it recognised that parents were concerned about the mix of food products advertised to young children.

The company will no longer run advetisments for high calorie, high fat products in cartoon shows and other television programmes aimed at young viewers. It will also change marketing policies for advertisements in newspapers and other media. Health concerns among the big food firms are driven by legal worries as well consumer pressure - last year the hamburger chain McDonalds fought off a lawsuit by children who blamed their weight problems on its products.

Mark Gregory, BBC

Listen to the words

people or companies which compete in the same market

come under mounting pressure
if you come under mounting pessure, somebody expects something from you urgently

to cut back on
to reduce

the state of being very fat

a statement
a declaration

health concerns
worries about health

here, forced

fought off

a lawsuit
a legal claim made against a person or company

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