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Learning English - Words in the News
10 December, 2004 - Published 12:16 GMT
World climate change
Blue sky

As world leaders meet in Buenos Aries to discuss ways of reducing climate change, Britain's leading scientific body, the Royal Society is calling for more to be done to help developing countries cut pollution and produce clean energy. This report from Julian Siddle:

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Under the Kyoto protocol the burden of reducing carbon emissions falls on the industrialised world. Developing countries were exempt, as it was felt cutbacks would hinder development and add to the existing burden of debt. However as developing countries improve their technology, get more vehicles and power stations for example, their emissions are also going to increase, fuelling climate change.

The Royal Society says there must be a global initiative to tackle this now to help developing countries find cleaner greener power generating technologies in particular . The society's chair Lord May says this could be achieved through increasing the knowledge base, by training local scientists who will then be able to develop solutions appropriate to local needs.

Julian Siddle, BBC World Service Science

Listen to the words

the burden of .... falls on
the responsibility for .... belongs to

not required to follow the rule or law

restrictions and reductions

burden of debt
difficulty that owing money brings

fuelling climate change
causing an increase in climate change

a global initiative
a worldwide plan

to tackle
to deal with

increasing the knowledge base
helping more people to know more things

to develop solutions
to find answers

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