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01 November, 2004 - Published 13:42 GMT
Ukraine presidential election
Ukraine vote

Exit polls in Ukraine’s presidential election appear to show that none of the 24 candidates has won the election outright. The vote has been largely split between the prime minister Viktor Yanukovich and the main opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko. This report from Helen Fawkes:

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It's been a close-run election so far. The latest result puts the prime minister slightly ahead by just a few percentage points, although an unofficial count by the opposition puts their leader out in front.

Either way it looks almost certain there will be a second round with the two most popular candidates. It's likely to be seen as a battle between east and west, with the pro-European opposition leader, Viktor Yushchenko, going head to head with the prime minister, Viktor Yanukovich, who supports closer ties with Russia.

The election has been marred, with claims of widespread violations. Not everyone was able to vote. According to international monitors, many names were missing from the electoral list. There have also been allegations of ballot papers being stolen, officials being attacked and students pressurised to vote for the prime minister.

The violence that had been expected after the election hasn't happened but the atmosphere in Ukraine remains tense.

Helen Fawkes, BBC, Kiev

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a close-run election
an election where two candidates have received an almost equal number of votes


head to head
a contest between two candidates


widespread violations
many irregularities

people with the official responsibility to watch the election

electoral list
a list of those who are eligible to vote

accusations that have no proof


strained, nervous


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