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China editor freed
Taxi driver reading Southern Metropolis Newspaper
Taxi driver

Chinese authorities have released a thirty-nine-year-old newspaper editor after five months detention without trial. His release has been welcomed by academics in China and by international groups supporting media freedom.

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This report from Francis Markus in Shanghai:

The release of the bold young newspaper editor-in-chief Cheng Yizhong after five months detention without trial marks a significant victory for those who mounted a vigorous campaign against the injustice he faced. But attention will now focus on the fate of his two colleagues, Yu Huafeng and Li Minying, who remain in jail serving heavy sentences on corruption and bribery charges. The case of the three men from the Southern Metropolis News in Guangdong province ignited a storm of controversy among Chinese journalists, lawyers and even retired officials. Their detention was widely seen as having been politically motivated. The paper incurred the wrath of the authorities in the province in April last year after exposing the death in custody of a young graphic designer. Its journalists courted further official anger a few months later when they disclosed a suspected case of SARS in the province. Their story is seen as a symbol, but far from an isolated case, of the hazards which China's investigative journalists face when they confront officialdom in defence of what they and many ordinary people regard as the public interest.

Francis Markus, BBC News, Shanghai

Listen to the words

mounted a vigorous campaign
began a strong attack

ignited a storm of controversy
started an angry reaction

politically motivated
done for political reasons

incurred the wrath of
caused great anger among

revealing the truth about

courted further official anger
acted in a way that caused more anger among government officials

far from an isolated case
definitely not the only occasion on which this situation has occurred

investigative activities involve examining all the facts connected with an event in order to discover the truth

confront officialdom
present government officials with evidence in order to accuse them of something

the public interest
the well-being of all the people in the community

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